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Remember that time you stopped into that cute little cafe “just because” and left wondering how on earth you had managed to go so long without knowing about it?  That’s how I felt as Mr. B and I walked out of Suzette on Belmont the other day.  But I can tell you one thing, now that I know, I won’t forget about it any time soon.

Suzette Creperie on Belmont


Crêperie & Dessert Cafe
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3342 SE Belmont St, Portland OR 97214
(503)  546-0892

It was the Happy Hour menu full of delicious sounding bites posted by the door that first drew us in.  Honestly, they had me at “french onion soup”  – a good bowl of homemade anything is one of my favorite things.  After ordering, we settled into the inviting ambiance – a relaxed, homey feeling place run by friendly, upbeat people.  Minutes later, I was presented with a rich, perfectly caramelized crock of onions swimming thick in piping hot broth; the traditional crouton floating like a little Gruyere-smothered island on top.  The first bite had me closing my eyes and smiling reflexively, falling into warm, smooth bliss like a hot-springs retreat.  All that for just $3.  WOW!


Buckwheat crepe with Marsala-soaked figs, roasted garlic-chickpea spread, caramelized onions, spinach

We also ordered a savory crêpe – the buckwheat recipe perfected by Suzette chef Jehnee Rains – and it was like no crêpe I’ve ever had: delicate and at the same time substantial and deeply satisfying, this folded buckwheat crêpe was the perfect wrapper for the marsala-soaked figs, roasted  garlic-chickpea spread, caramelized onions, and spinach inside.  Once again, a mere $3 on the Happy Hour menu. You can even order your crepe vegan and gluten-free for just 50 cents more!

Suzette also offers a daily cocktail on the Happy Hour menu; when we stopped in it was a whiskey sour, which Mr. B. deemed “delightful” – not too strong, and well done.

I wish we had been hungrier – I would have loved to have sampled a sweet crepe, or some homemade ice cream.  But that is for another day – because now that we know, we will be back often.

Our well-worn Happy Hour menu

Our well-worn Happy Hour menu

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