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Paella with Aneto | The Good Hearted Woman

Easy Paella a la Aneto {Recipe}

The folks from Aneto traveled all the way from Barcelona, Spain to Seattle, Washington to share their product at the International Food Bloggers Conference [IFBC] last month, and each time I had the occasion to speak with them throughout the weekend I became more and more impressed with their dedication to quality and their passion for […]

IFBC 2014 2

Taste of Seattle & Gourmet Fair {IFBC Recap: Part 2}

After a hectic day of sponsored meals and learning sessions at IFBC, Saturday evening presented us a welcome opportunity to unwind, relax, schmooze and nosh. Seattle’s best chefs and restaurants, along with local vintners, culinary vendors, and cookbook writers, stirred up some amazing culinary creations and gastronomic goodies in an effort to wow the Foodie crowd. […]

Chicken Endive Wrappetizers | The Good Hearted Woman

PF Changs Chicken {Endive} Wrap-petizers

One of the coolest food items I was introduced to at the International Food Bloggers Conference [IFBC] last month was California Endive.  Sure, I’ve seen endive before, and there is always some chef on television extolling its virtues, but I’ve never worked with it before, or even considered using it.  All that has changed now though, […]

Tulips | The Good Hearted Woman

Planting Bulbs

Daddy died in the quiet of the early morning on the last day of September, eight years ago: I was the last person to see him before he passed away. Before I left his hospital room that last night, while my mom waited out in … [Read More...]

Diving in to IFBC | The Good Hearted  Woman

Diving in to IFBC

Ever stood on the edge of a high-diving board? It’s been a lifetime since I have, but I’ll never forget the feeling. It is exhilarating, and just a little terrifying. That’s me right now, poised on the edge and ready to jump: … [Read More...]

Hungarian Mushroom Soup

Hungarian Mushroom Soup

The other day while I was out driving, I noticed the first leaves starting to turn and my heart did a little happy dance. (OK, maybe it was just a perimenopausal heart flutter, but I'm going with Happy Dance.)  Anyway, that … [Read More...]