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Tulip Festival 4.9.1

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Last Wednesday my sister and I had the rare chance to spend the day together, and her only request was to go “somewhere pretty.” So I took her to one of the prettiest places I know of in the Portland area – the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn. This time of year, the tulip […]

Taste of the Nation {Event}

No Kid Hungry – Taste of the Nation {Event}

We all know that there are kids who go hungry on a regular basis here in the United States. Not hungry as in I haven’t eaten for three hours, or “Mom, I’m not eating that quinoa casserole.” But hungry as in, I don’t know where my next meal is coming from. Hungry as in, I […]

Vineyard Margarita

Cheers to Heathman’s New Cocktail Menu! {Sponsored}

The Heathman Bar & Restaurant in downtown Portland recently celebrated the launch of their new Cocktail Menu with a private tasting, and Mr. B and I were excited to receive an invitation.  From first impression to last, it is clear that much consideration went into the development of this new menu. It effervesces with an […]

Pitch Dark Chocolate Grand Opening

A Passion for Chocolate {Review}

Chocolatier Brian Flick is a young man with a passion for making chocolate, and at 28, he has already been perfecting his art for half his life. After starting his own chocolate company at the age of 14, he went on to study … [Read More...]

Yarn Pin from Adorn Handmade Jewelry

Every Little Heart

Recently, on a Valentine’s trip to the Columbia Gorge (which I will be sharing with you very soon) Mr. B. bought me a beautiful sage green alpaca wool shawl. He and I live a relatively thrifty life, and this was a great … [Read More...]

I am blessed to have a lot of beautiful, good hearted women (and men) in my life as examples.

The Good Hearted Woman

As I've been going about the process of making some big changes here on my blog - including a new name – more than a few folks have asked me, "Why did you choose 'The Good Hearted Woman'"? Usually while unconsciously humming … [Read More...]

Irish Soda Bread Recipe

St Pat’s Irish Soda Bread

I love all things Celtic – even my wedding ring has emeralds and Celtic knots on it – and I've always had a thing for Ireland and the Irish people. I can literally pick up a light brogue over lunch (in fact, as I write this, … [Read More...]